Butterflies for Weddings

Releasing Butterflies Instead of Throwing Rice or Caged Birds. Have you seen the use of butterflies for a wedding and think it would be a perfect addition to your butterfly themed wedding? Many brides planning a spring or summer wedding are hoping to add the use of real butterflies to their ceremony or reception, and this is a great substitute to throwing rice or flower petals.

Of course using butterflies for a wedding doesn't mean going outside and trying to catch your own, and you may not live near a farm that provides them. You also need to understand what is involved in this type of release so that your butterfly themed wedding is absolutely perfect. Here are some tips for your consideration.

Purchasing Butterflies Online

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When ordering your butterflies for a wedding consider how many you can afford versus how many guests you have. It's easy to think that you want a mass of butterflies to be released but this can actually be overwhelming. Typically just a few being released at once makes enough of a statement without distracting guests from the event.

Remember too that butterflies don't just fly away like birds; they may flit around and even land on a guest or two. This is why you don't need that many when you order; you don't want your guests to be startled by the number of butterflies that surround them!

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Handling the Butterflies

When using butterflies for a wedding you want to remember how they should be handled. You will get complete instructions for how to store the boxes in which they're shipped. They need to be kept warm, although the boxes shouldn't be opened and they don't need to be fed.

The weather also needs to be warm enough for the butterflies to fly away; if it's too cold they will stay in their boxes where it's nice and warm! You also need enough nature surrounding them for them to be safe; the middle of downtown is not the place to use butterflies for a wedding! Keep these tips in mind and your butterfly themed wedding should be perfect!

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