Butterfly Release for Weddings

A Very Elegant Alternative to Throwing Rice and Releasing Birds. If you're looking for a truly unique touch for your wedding ceremony, why not try the practice of butterfly release for weddings? This is done at many weddings in place of throwing rice or birdseed or releasing birds themselves.

There are many reasons to consider adding this special touch to your ceremony, and releasing butterflies at a wedding today is very popular with modern brides. Consider a few reasons why you might opt for this practice during your big day!

Reasons for Butterflies

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Some brides have chosen the standard rice tossing, or the tossing of bird seeds, flower petals, or releasing of balloons at a wedding. So why opt for a butterfly release for weddings over these choices? One reason is that they are less messy than balloons, which may lodge in trees or power lines and then of course become pollution once they pop and fall back to the ground.

Rice is dangerous to birds that may pick it up as it's damaging to their digestive system, which is why many couples forego this practice. Birdseed doesn't always get eaten as some assume and may damage grass and landscaping, as will flower petals. And a butterfly release for weddings is a better option than releasing birds, as they may fly in any direction when released and may also cause quite a mess with their droppings! So it's no wonder that many brides opt for releasing butterflies at a wedding rather than these choices.

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Remember too that butterflies don't just fly away like birds; they may flit around and even land on a guest or two. This is why you don't need that many when you order; you don't want your guests to be startled by the number of butterflies that surround them!

Finding Butterflies

So how do you plan a butterfly release for weddings? Typically you purchase the butterflies online; they are packed in such a way that they're perfectly safe until the wedding day. It must be warm outside for them to actually fly away, but if you follow the directions you receive you should have no problem releasing them.

A butterfly release for weddings is a romantic touch and one that many appreciate for spring and summer weddings. You may even have someone recite some words when you release the butterflies or just watch them flutter away!

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