Casual Wedding Dresses

When you choose a casual wedding dress you want to put your own personality into it. That means the color, styling and design should be unique and something that shows you in a very personal way. Your wedding dress should show you are trendy but conservation and don’t need or want the formal styling of the traditional wedding dress.

Style and Length are Personal Choices

Your wedding day is your personal day and should reflect your choices, not those of your friends and family. If you have your heart set on a casual wedding dress do not let anyone change your mind. A casual wedding dress speaks of your personality and how you view your wedding—choosing a casual design does not mean you don[‘t accept traditional roles but rather you are one who knows how to combine tradition with informality and still accomplish the task at hand.

Your Wedding, Your Choice

Casual wedding dress in white with sash.

Not everyone likes the idea of a formal wedding dress for many different reasons. If you choose a casual wedding dress you can still have the same reception that brides have who choose a formal dress. Your dress does not determine the theme of your reception any more than those who choose to marry before a judge do. Make sure whoever is planning your wedding knows your wishes and doesn’t attempt to plan the wedding based on a formal dress if you are planning to wear something casual.

Casual wedding gown.

Definition of a Casual Wedding Dress

Informal Wedding Dress Style.

Wearing a casual wedding dress doesn’t mean you are going to get married in a dress you would wear to work although some brides may choose something very casual. You can look online for some choices in casual wedding attire in order to find the right dress for your personal taste. You can choose a floor length dress that is simplistic or a waltz length wedding dress that shows you at your best. The important thing is for you to be comfortable with your choice and choose the dress that shows your guests how to be casual and traditional at the same time.

Slip wedding dress casual.
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