Casual Wedding Invitations

Choosing casual wedding invitations is no different from choosing those of a formal nature. The designs may even overlap in some cases but casual wedding invitations are just as beautiful and appropriate as formal wedding invitations. The key issue is for your guests to know they do not need to come to your wedding dressed in their best Sunday clothes because your wedding is going to be a casual affair.

Themes and Colors

Even with a casual wedding you can choose a theme and color scheme that you can blend with your casual wedding invitations. Casual wedding does not mean you forgo all of the tradition because you will still need to let your potential guests formally know about your wedding—you are not going to just pick up the telephone and let them know because you risk them forgetting the date or forgetting to call and let you know if they will be there. With a formal but casual wedding invitation they have something in their hand to remind them.

Find the Style and Color that is Right for You

Brown and blue wedding invitation.

Do not assume because you are having a casual wedding you will be limited in the styles for your wedding invitations. Although many formal wedding invitations include gold, silver and other styles and designs, there are still many styles and designs for casual wedding invitations. Begin looking as soon as you are engaged to give yourself plenty of time to find the wedding invitation design that is right for your wedding. You will also want to find the proper wedding invitation wording for your casual wedding.

Casual Pink Wedding Invitation.

Casual but Classy

Blue aqua wedding cake.

Choosing casual wedding reception invitation can be a task if you aren’t sure just what you should buy. The key is to be casual but classy—it does not mean you need to be vulgar or irreverent, informal or lacking tradition by any means. You still want your wedding invitations to blend in with the rest of your wedding colors, especially the reception cards. You also want to make sure you don’t choose something too formal so that your invitations will appear out of place with a casual wedding theme.

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