Checkerboard Wedding Invitations

When most people think of wedding invitations they think of the flowers and pretty colors that often adorn them but there are other possibilities. Checkerboard wedding invitations may seem a little off the wall but they are a perfect addition to the out of the ordinary wedding or even as a casual wedding invitation. If youíre looking for something that deviates from traditional wedding invitations checkerboard wedding invitations is just the thing.

Checkerboard is a Brand Too

If you take a look at some of the websites that offer checkerboard invitations you are likely to find there are a variety of color schemes and styles. Their patterns are not necessarily a checkerboard and certainly doesnít mean the invitations are going to be red and black. They offer many different elegant styles that may not be right for everyoneís wedding, but some of their more flamboyant styles are perfect for a casual wedding or one that is rather colorful as may be the case in the fall and winter.

Look at all the Color Combinations

Plum wedding invitations.

Before you make any kind of a decision about wedding invitations, look at the available color combinations to determine if the color schemes fit in with your theme and colors. Although a fall or winter wedding tends to lend way to darker colors you still want to make sure the colors you choose for your invitations fit in with your color scheme and will not detract from the real purpose of the wedding invitations, namely the bride and groom. If you choose colors that are too outlandish you may find that the guests will be paying more attention to the colors instead of the bride and groom.

Gingko branch wedding invitation.

Look at Several Styles before You Make a Decision

Checkerboard wedding invitation.

No matter what type of wedding invitations you are considering itís always good practice to look at several styles before you make a final decision. If you are planning to order online itís even easier to see a variety of styles because of the number of websites that sell wedding invitation of all kinds. Checkerboard wedding invitations are only one style and will vary according to vendor or printer.

Traditional wedding invitation by Checkerboard.
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