Christian Wedding Music

Nothing gives the spirit a sense of hopefulness and happiness like singing a hymn in unison with the church body. Hymns feel both celebratory and ceremonious, making them a perfect selection for Christian wedding music. Most Christian wedding ceremonies incorporate a few different hymns, and you are free to choose the hymns you like most.

To choose the right hymns, first start by talking to your parents or even your grandparents. One special thing about hymns is that they are so traditional, and have not changed much over the years. If your parents had a hymn sung in their wedding ceremony, use it in your own. Include a special paragraph in the program to explain your choice; this will honor your parents and their relationship.

Another great resource for choosing the right hymn is your minister, church organist, or church choir director. These people all have years of good experience in choosing hymns, and are familiar with which are the real crowd pleasers. Next, turn to your pew hymnal book. Hymns are sometimes organized by theme, so look to those hymns centered around the theme of love. If you find a hymn with lyrics you enjoy, ask the organist to play it for you first. You might discover the tempo is too slow or too fast for your liking. Or, if you like a particular song’s chorus but feel that it is too long, you can request to have a few of the verses omitted. Christian wedding music should include both praise and worship hymns and can be sung by a choir, soloist or an organist. Ask your minister for ideas if you are still at a loss for them.

A traditional but underappreciated element of a church service can lend a hand to your wedding—the church choir. Ask some choir members to dress in their robes and file in for the singing of a hymn during your wedding ceremony. This will help the ceremony feel more worshipful, and give your wedding a unique, dramatic flair. Sing a hymn that is everyone’s favorite, and you will have smiles all around. Be sure to run your choice by your organist, to ensure that he or she will be familiar with the song come time for the wedding day.

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