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Maximize Your Sanctuary’s Potential with Beautiful Church Decorations
A typical wedding ceremony these days lasts less than thirty minutes, so many brides mistakenly skimp on the church wedding decorations to focus on the reception décor. But the actual ceremony is the most important part of any wedding—without it, you wouldn’t be married! Using these tips, you can properly decorate your church for a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Focus on the Overall Look of the Decorations

First, imagine the overall look you hope to achieve at the church, where the tender moments of the wedding will take place. As your guests enjoy the exchanging of vows, would you like for them to also be enjoying the bright décor, thinking of it as an expression of your fun personality? Perhaps you would prefer they feel as if it is tradition church setting, with your decorations serving merely as a backdrop. Think back on weddings you have attended in the past—what stands out in your mind?

Where to Put the Flowers for Maximum Effect

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Wedding decorations for the church pews for a chapel ceremony can be simply flowers and a garland. The entrance should have an arch if allowed by your pastor. Flowers are the most common of church wedding decorations, often used in two large floral arrangements on either side of the pulpit area. Guests spend the majority of the time looking straight ahead at the stage, and should their eyes happen to wander from your fabulous dress, you want their eyes to land on something equally beautiful. Consult with your florist about your vision for the church decorations. Be sure to place a relatively equal amount of flowers on either side of the stage. The arrangements don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, but you don’t want the church to feel off balance, either.

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Pay Special Attention to the Entrance of the Chapel

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Also, don’t ignore the front entrance to the church and the foyer—these decorations are the first things your guests will see as they arrive at the church. First impressions are everything, and this is an opportunity for you to set the decorating tone early. Place a small arrangement on the guest book table, and consider placing a few flowers or scented candles on the counter in the ladies’ restroom so that your lovely color scheme and the fragrant scent of flowers will follow the guests everywhere

Your church wedding decorations should add to the beauty of the surrounding sanctuary and not detract from the church-like, ceremonial feeling.

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