Contemporary Wedding Music

Brides are Modernizing Every Aspect—Even the Music
In the past, when women still wore hats and gloves for style and modesty any time they stepped out, brides wore only bright white dresses covered in lace. Everything about old-fashioned wedding was just that: old-fashioned. Even the music was traditional organ music and hymns. These days, brides are no longer locked into particular style rules. This includes the music, and more and more women are choosing contemporary wedding music for their special day.

The Soundtrack Of Your Wedding

From the moment the first guest is seated at the ceremony, to the time the last guest finally leaves the reception after party, music will be played at your wedding. Think of it as the soundtrack to your love story. Each different time of the night provides a different opportunity for the forward-thinking bride to surprise her guests with contemporary music.

Your Own Wedding Playlist to Set the Mood as Guests Arrive

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For example, as guests are first arriving to the ceremony location, instead of the typical “elevator music” playing in the background, blare a playlist of your favorite songs. These don’t even have to be love songs, although; keep in mind you really want to set the mood for romance. If you are holding your ceremony inside a church, check first to make sure that this will be okay; many churches won’t allow secular music to be played.

The most enjoyable “modern” wedding music is actually a playlist of the golden oldies. Everyone loves oldies, from the oldest to the youngest of your guests. The lyrics are safe for a church setting and generally family friendly. The songs will evoke a feeling of nostalgia and laid-back fun.

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Aside from Church Rules, Choose any Songs You Like

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Using modern wedding music can also show up in the song selection to be played during the ceremony. This is the one or two love songs you choose for a soloist to perform. These days, lovey-dovey songs are passé, and brides are choosing songs that have special meaning to them. Check out, for contemporary wedding music and modern christian bridal song samples for your reception dancing or ceremony processional.

Again, there are no real rules, and these days weddings are all about the bride and groom, and no longer about etiquette expectations. No matter what kind of wedding recessional music you choose, from the traditional to the ultra-modern, make it your own, and make it memorable.

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