Corset Wedding Dress

If you are slim a corset wedding dress is just the thing to make sure you look your best. Of course for the bride who has just a little bit of extra weight she can use this style of wedding dress to make sure she looks her finest. Itís important to remember, however, that the style is very tight so do not attempt to choose a size that is too small or you will be very uncomfortable during your wedding and reception. The key is having just enough control to make sure you look your best and donít have any tummy or midriff bulges but not so tight that you canít breathe.

Popularity of the Corset Wedding Dress

While this very tightly styled wedding dress used to be very popular it is not as much so today. Although some brides still prefer this style the majority prefer the looser style and the off the shoulder strapless look. That doesnít mean the corset wedding dress has lost its popularity because there are still many brides who prefer this style because it makes her look trimmer, a definite plus on your wedding day. For many, a medieval red or a sweetheart mermaid dress or a lace corset royal train bridal gown brings in elements of the past and adds elegance to a contemporary style wedding.

Disadvantages of the Corset Wedding Dress

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For the bride who is a little heavier than average or may be expecting when she gets married the corset wedding dress is likely to be too tight. In addition itís important to make sure you are able to move around comfortably. After all, you donít want to take your dress off and find you have red marks all over your skin because your dress was too tight. In addition a wedding dress that is too tight will make it very difficult to eat or worse yet, to dance later.

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The Best Candidates for a Corset Wedding Dress

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In reality the best shapes for the corset wedding dress are those brides who have just a small amount of tummy and midriff they want to hide. It may be because they ate a little too much because of nerves leading up to their wedding. If you have more than that to hold in you are likely to find this style very uncomfortable and restricting.

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