Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Creating a personalized wedding cake is something that can give your cake more appeal and provide you with something that you can remember for many years to come. Some of the choices include adding the names and wedding date or the bride and groom, location of the wedding and other information that will create a sense of belonging to your customer wedding cake toppers. Many people don’t thinking of personalizing their wedding cake toppers and instead go to the local bridal supply store in person or online and choose from the wedding cake toppers that are available there.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers are Expensive

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

That statement is quite untrue—you are personalizing the napkins, champagne glasses and other wedding accessories, so why would you not want to create custom cake toppers to make the package complete? In fact you can also choose to customize the cake at the same time you personalize the cake topper and the baker may even give you a discount on both. It makes the cake and cake topper more appealing when the names of the newly married couple appear on the cake and cake topper.

bride and groom at wedding.

Do Custom Wedding Cake Toppers Make a Difference?

Blue aqua wedding cake.

When you ask that question you must also ask yourself if there is more meaning to something that has your “signature” on it. That doesn’t mean literally by any means but if there is something that can trace that item to you, does it not have more value? For instance, a leather book cover is just that—a leather book cover but when you inscribe someone’s name on it there is a new meaning to it. The book now belongs to someone and it is has an owner. The same is true with customer wedding cake toppers—when you can put someone’s name to that cake topper, it becomes someone’s treasure, someone’s joy. Many years from now when you may forget some of those happy memories custom wedding cake toppers will keep the memory of your wedding close to your heart no matter how much time passes.

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