Custom Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most important aspects of your wedding and planning. With that in mind making a decision to mull over the decision between pre-designed or custom wedding invitations should not be a difficult decision. Based on the fact that custom wedding invitations will gain more appeal from the people to whom you send them, it should be a natural decision to choose custom over pre-designed.

Custom Designs Make Your Wedding invitations Stand Out

One of the best reasons to choose custom wedding invitations over pre-designed ones is because they make your invitations stand out and give them their own personality so to speak. By choosing to customize your wedding invitations you are showing everyone that you are not happy with the designs someone else created and you want your own. This line of thinking is inspirational and tends to guide others in the same direction. It is also good publicity for the person who designed your wedding invitations whether it was you or someone else. The important thing is you took the time to become involved in the design of your wedding invitations so they speak out for you and what you are all about.

Custom Designs Take on the Creator’s Personality

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Whether you realize it or not when you send custom wedding invitations you are transferring your personality to that card. It shows what you like, what you feel and how you see life. It does that because of the decisions you make—these decisions show everyone a part of you. Certainly to a small degree pre-designed wedding invitations to the same thing but not to the same degree custom-designed invitations do.

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Overlook the Cost Factor

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Though custom-designed wedding invitations may cost more, they are more personal and as such well worth the cost and effort the designer puts into them. It doesn’t matter if it is your creation—if you helped design that card you are a part of it and it will reflect who and what you are. There is nothing more personal than something you created yourself whether on paper or in your head as you direct the hands of another.

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