Dolphin Cake Toppers

Having a beachside wedding or want to incorporate a beach theme in your wedding? There are many ways to do this, and a dolphin cake topper is one such fun detail you might consider. While just a few years ago, cake toppers were still the standard porcelain figurines, today you can find unique wedding cake toppers in a variety of styles.

Make Sure They're Fun But Not Ridiculous

What to look for in a dolphin cake topper? Are they a bit too much and over the top, or is there a way to keep them fun and whimsical without making them seem downright silly? Consider a few quick tips in this regard.

Choosing a Topper

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If you love marine life or the beach, and if you're having your ceremony or reception on the beach, then a dolphin cake topper can be the right choice for you. Dolphins symbolize peace and joy, and are often considered one of the most fun animals in the ocean.

Of course you want one that will be the right size for your cake. Some are quite large and this is good for a larger cake, otherwise it will seem as if it's getting lost on the top layer. However, if your cake is small you want to choose something not so large and not so ornate or it will seem to overpower the cake itself.

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Using it Properly

Blue aqua wedding cake.

One thing you want to remember about a dolphin cake topper is that, if you have a cake that is very decorated with lots of elements, this might seem as if it's just too much decoration as well. There are many unique wedding cake toppers that are very simple in design and some that are very ornate, so remember to keep in mind the design of your cake when shopping.

And of course you can dress up your cake with other elements as well, not just your dolphin cake topper. There are typically marzipan decorations you can even purchase and add by hand, such as seashells or shapes. If you add these to your cake you'll have something that will be a real showstopper!

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