Fall Wedding Decorations

Let the Beauty of Fall Inspire Your Wedding Decorations. Hosting a wedding in the fall is steeped in tradition, as people gathered together annually for the harvest celebration. Autumn weddings once represented the change of season in the new couples’ lives. Chrysanthemums and Marigolds are in full bloom; brilliant colors run rampant as the leaves outside are turning. Let these romantic themes carry over into your fall wedding decorations.

Invest in leaf stamps and stencils of various sizes, and go crazy with personalizing your table linens and wedding programs. Use fallen leaves in the flower girl’s basket in lieu of rose petals. Give her a pretty wooden wicker basket to carry instead of a painted white basket. If this is too untraditional for your taste, you can find a beautiful fabric-wrapped basket at AmericanBridal.com in the perfect ivory color.

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Mini pumpkins are fun and festive. Cut a slit in the top of the pumpkin stem and stand numbered cardstock squares inside to serve as table cards. Stack larger pumpkins on top of each other in a corner to fill space and serve as a decorative element. Pumpkin scents are also popular accents to fall wedding decorations, and along with cinnamon-apple, can put a warm and home-y feeling in the air. Craft supply stores will carry beautiful and full wreaths and cornucopias pre-decorated in fall tints; look for those around mid-September.

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If you shun the standard autumn colors such as deep orange and mustard yellow, consider as an alternative dark wines or rich browns. These colors are also representative of harvest time but don’t feel overdone. Use succulent fruits in your fall wedding décor, like cranberries, purple grapes, and pomegranates, instead of the typical vegetables, namely squash and corn, which are often over-used. Place striking ostrich feather inside floral arrangements to bring out those darker colors.

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You can even keep the autumn theme in your wedding favors. Fun fall wedding decorations and favors that are always a big hit with guests are miniature bottles of maple syrup or apple cider. With all the sights, scents, and tastes of fall, your guests are sure to get into the spirit at your wedding. It’s the perfect time to fall in love.

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