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Attention brides, do you want to save money on your wedding? Ok, so you have a green thumb? Do you love flowers year-round, not just the pretty arrangements of fresh flowers you see at weddings (or funerals)? If you answered yes to these questions, here is an idea to save money on fresh flowers for your wedding: grow them yourself! You can do it, with a little sweat and elbow grease. Just follow these easy how-to tips.

Of course, you will have to start growing these fresh flowers well in advance of your actual wedding day. This may be more possible these days because many couples are choosing to have a long engagement. Plan far in advance for growing your garden fresh flowers, beginning with a little research. Check the soil conditions of the ground where you will be planting these fresh flowers. Look into the local climate conditions, and see what plants are native to the area. You may love English Garden roses, but youíll probably have to settle for rambling roses here in the United States.

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Once you have decided what type of fresh flowers you would like to grow for your wedding, you will have to check how they like to be planted and what kind of sunlight and watering requirements must be met. Most flowers require one to two inches of water a week, and that water must soak all the way through to the roots. Almost all will require some sunlight, but the amount varies considerably, and a few actually thrive best in the shade.

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Once the flowers are thriving and have bloomed, you will need to time the cutting of fresh flowers just right. Be sure to cut the flower from the plant before the bloom starts wilting. Fresh flowers will last longer if cut as the buds are just beginning to open, and then allowed to bloom in the arrangement.

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Even if you donít have a large garden space to grow fresh flowers, consider using window boxes outside your apartment windows or hanging baskets on your porch, or ask a friend to allow you to use her yard. You will be adding color and life to your home and providing fresh flowers for your own wedding in the future. You can do it!

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