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Gold Wedding Jewelry Offers A Classic Look for the Classic Bride. The value of gold has been recognized by every civilization throughout the years. Even though it is no longer the standard by which we Americans value our dollar, American brides recognize its true worth and the beauty it brings to wedding jewelry. Gold wedding jewelry is available in abundance, but not all of it is true gold.

Gold is the traditional look, but you should find your own style. If you are not yet quite sure what that style is, try looking inside your own jewelry box. While your wedding day is a definitely a time to look your best, it is not a time for you to try to be anyone but yourself. Wear something you are comfortable with, so that your guests and groom will recognize it as your own unique bridal look.

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White gold is an excellent alternative to yellow gold for those brides who prefer the silver color white gold offers. White gold is a myth because there is no such thing. What we call “white gold” is actually yellow gold that has been plated with a thin layer of rhodium, which provides the silver color. This means the pure traditionalists can have their cake and eat it, too. The round band part of the ring will be gold, keeping with custom, but the external look of the ring will be silver colored, to give it a modern allure.

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White gold is a beautiful choice, but keep in mind the rhodium wears off over time, so you will have to take the ring in to the jeweler to be re-plated every few years. The splendor of white gold is well worth this minimal effort to maintain its beauty.

If you still are not quite sure what particular wedding jewelry is your style, turn to old family photo albums and draw inspiration from your mother, aunts, grandmother, or even your great-grandmother. An excellent way to honor your grandmother is to get married wearing jewelry similar to what she wore on her wedding day. If possible, you might even be able to find that jewelry and wear those exact pieces.

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