Pew Decorations: Wedding Ceremony Necessity

Pew Decorations Take Your Wedding Décor to the Next Level

One often overlooked, but still very important, element of any wedding ceremony décor is the pew decorations. Those long pews can look pretty lonely without pew decorations. Here is where the do-it-yourself bride can really get creative and add that special touch, putting her own signature on the wedding ceremony.

Consider adding a single lily, tied with a simple two-inch wide ribbon, at the ends of every row. As a cost-conscious alternative, replace the lily with a carnation, or tie a flower to only every other row. If you choose to use a full-fledged floral arrangement at the end of the pews for decoration, be sure to fill it in with plenty of large leafy greens. These will help make the arrangement seem bigger without making the price tag bigger.

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If the backs of the pews are tall and wide enough, another possibility for pew decorations is to add a winding garland along the backs. These garlands must be properly secured with lightweight tacks to keeps them from falling off the pews. The garlands must also be properly secured against your youngest guests’ little hands.

Around Christmas time, ivy will lend a festive look to church pews, especially if paired with red holly berries. Just keep in mind not to use anything that could an allergic reaction, as the garlands will be within easy reach of all. Garlands used as pew decorations are most effective on the very back pews, where they will be easily visible to everyone as they first enter the wedding ceremony.

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Be careful before adding anything to the pews because many wedding chapels have strict rules concerning what can and cannot be used on their pews. Check first to see if your location has any limitations on pew decorations. If so, use easy and beautiful pew decorations that will not damage antique wooden pews, such as voluptuous bows of organza silk tied around the outside, or ribbons in your very own wedding colors draped down the sides.

Pews are part of your guests’ main focus as they enter the wedding ceremony and are seated, so do not overlook the importance of pew decorations in making a good first impression.

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