Piano Wedding Music

A Traditional Sound with a Modern Twist

If you love traditional wedding music but hate the old-fashioned sound of a pipe organ, piano wedding music may be just the right thing for you. The sound of a piano is still beautiful and classical, without sounding over-dramatic and outdated.

A piano is available at almost every potential wedding venue, and even if it is not, a keyboard is easily transportable and can provide essentially the same sound. A pianist makes excellent accompaniment to your vocal soloist, as most singers are already accustomed to singing along with a piano.

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An experienced pianist is a big plus because he or she can help keep the wedding moving on schedule. This person knows exactly how and when to transition to the next musical piece to keep the ceremony flowing properly. You can most likely find a pianist through your own church; if not, look in your local phone book.

You will need to schedule your pianist for not just the wedding day, but also for the rehearsal night and any additional practice time your vocalist may need. This requires paying by the hour. To save money, hire a pianist who can also sing, and combine the two elements of your solo into one person. Consider hiring a pianist to set up and play in the lobby of your ceremony or reception venue, to greet the guests with a special surprise as they arrive.

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If you are really on a tight budget, check out a music store or even the Internet for pre-recorded wedding music to be played at your wedding ceremony. Just make sure that your chapel has the proper soundboard and other necessary equipment. An outstanding resource for piano wedding music is the O’Neill Brothers’; visit the website at www.pianobrothers.com. Their c.d.’s include wonderful versions all of the most popular wedding songs, and they even sell sheet music if you already have a pianist but need to provide him or her with the notes to play.

Because piano music can vary from classical to jazzy to ragtime, make sure that you are on the same page with your pianist. That way, you are guaranteed to get the perfect sound for your big day.

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