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If you have a bubbly, outgoing personality, you probably love the color pink. Ladies, something about that color, pink flowers especially, just speaks to our feminine and flirty sides. Pink is a fun color, vibrant and full of personality, and pink flowers such as roses, carnation, and peonies will add life to your wedding events.

When planning your wedding, choose a theme and color scheme early on. That way, you can select your décor and floral items based on those colors. For pink weddings incorporating pink flowers, a potential theme include the princess theme, always popular with those lovely brides who still sometimes feel like daddy’s little girl. For the princess theme, wear a sparkling tiara of precious diamonds or cubic zirconium and carry a large bouquet of blooming pink flowers like Sweet Akito Roses or hot pink anemones.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Another fun wedding theme that will allow you to use pink flowers is the ever-popular black and white theme. You can use linen and clothing items in the dramatic black and white scheme and let the pink flowers provide the pops of life and color. Then, tie pink sashes around the dinner chairs draped in white satin. Tall, dashing candelabras can act as centerpieces on the dinner tables, and use arrangements of pink flowers set in pink florist foam nestled among the prongs of the candelabra.

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Blue aqua wedding cake.

Perfect pink flowers to consider for your wedding bouquet are bi-color light pink and hot pink carnations. These will go with any color you choose within the pink range and are very affordable. For a full look, choose pink flowers with a large bloom, such as the peony or the hydrangea. But, be aware that naturally pink hydrangeas are slightly blush purple in tint, and if you want baby pink or hot pink it will most likely be white hydrangea fed with fuchsia pink food coloring. This means the pink coloring could drip from the bottom of the stem onto your dress.

Smaller pink flowers include single blooms of cymbidium and dendrobium orchids, pulled from a larger stem and wired, and come in a variety of rosy pink colors. For tropical looking pink flowers, use Peruvian lilies, known as alstroemeria, and Asiatic Lilies, also called Easter lilies. Your options for pretty in pink flowers are almost endless!

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