Red Flowers

Red flowers will add drama and elegance to your wedding. The color red expresses a feeling of sweet romance and classic tradition, making red flowers the perfect choice for a wedding.

The color red actually has a large variety of shades and depths, and red flowers, both those found in nature and those bred in a florist laboratory, reflect these many options. Because red flowers actually come in a wide variety of colors, you may need to be very specific with your actual color choice when you simple tell your florist you want “red flowers.” Most likely, your florist will assume by “red flowers” you mean the most common bright red that is found in the familiar rose variety of Classy Red and in red carnations.

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If you are hoping for a different tone to your red flowers, ask for a specific variety. For example, the Black Magic rose is an incredibly deep and sensual color of red flowers, so dark that it can sometimes look burgundy. It is supposed to have magical bewitching powers over its recipient. The Black Baccarat red rose has a lot of blue tones to it, so that almost looks purple. One incredibly popular type of red rose is the First Red; this flower gives a very bright and fresh look and has a very round, basic head shape with many petals.

Other than red roses, red flowers can include carnations, which can come in solid red color or have many variegated petals with spots of different colors. Other red flowers includes the peony, which comes in shades from hot pink to orange-red, and have full, large heads that give a lot of volume to red flower arrangements. Be careful because peonies can be very expensive, but are definitely worth every penny.

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Style Matters

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Other than red flowers, consider using red berries to lend a pop of color. Hypericum berries are well liked for this purpose, and are available year round. The popular Christmas fundraiser flower, the poinsettia, is a lovely and inexpensive flower for Christmastime weddings.

As you can see, red flowers are available in abundance in all seasons and help you acquire that much-desired dramatic look for your wedding.

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