Violin Wedding Music

Whether itís through the full-bodied sounds of an orchestra or merely the sweet strains of a string quartet, violin wedding music is a perennial favorite of brides because of its lovely, quixotic sound.

If you long for the orchestral sound of the violin but canít actually afford a full orchestra, or if your venue is not large enough to accommodate a 12-chair band, consider hiring a string quartet. An even cheaper option is a string trio. These musicians will typically provide their own sound amplification equipment and sometimes, their own seating and music stands. You just have to provide some elbowroom for their performance, and pay by the hour.

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Do not consider a duet only, unless it is a violin and trumpet combination, because two instruments alone do not provide enough oomph. However, a violin solo can be beautiful, if you place the violinist in a highly visible location on stage and provide a microphone so that everyone can enjoy, even in the back of the church.

Violin wedding music should not be contained to just the wedding ceremony. Hire a violinist to work your reception by walking from table to table, serenading your guests. This person will be paid by the hour, and might charge overtime rates. Also, expect to allow him or her to take several breaks, and offer dinner if the reception will occur over the course of a meal. A violin soloist can add a dreamy and ultra-romantic touch to your wedding reception.

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Contact any violinist you are considering in advance, and ask if you can have an opportunity to hear a performance before the wedding. This could be a concert performance or another wedding. You will want to make sure the musician(s) will provide the sound, and even the look, that you are going for. Make sure that if the selected musician has an emergency, he or she knows of a back-up violinist to call. Also, read over any contract carefully to make sure there are no extra fees involved.

If you hire a musician or group to perform live violin wedding music for your ceremony or reception, you will not regret it. Live music provides a dramatic touch unlike anything else.

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