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Open Your Mind and Allow New Wedding Decorating Ideas to Flow from Your Surroundings

All around you are beautiful things that can help you discover new decorating ideas for your wedding. Nature provides a luscious palette of colors and flowers, right outside your back door. No doubt, even in your own bedroom, you have surrounded yourself with colors and decorative items that reflect who you are and what you like. Don’t be afraid to use these ideas in decorating and planning for your wedding; after all, shouldn’t your wedding be an extension of you?

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

For example, if you find yourself drawn to large, luxurious chandeliers, let their reflective surfaces inspire you, and incorporate faceted crystals and shiny metals in your wedding decorations. If you love antique-y art deco jewelry, the funky shapes and the mix of silver with gold that were common in that era can lead to fun new wedding decoration ideas.

Establish a general theme for your wedding, and allow all your wedding decoration ideas to flow from that central theme, to keep the overall look cohesive. You can let almost anything, from your favorite vacation spot to your wedding location, suggest a theme. Did you and your fiancé travel on a romantic getaway to a faraway vacation spot in the past? Draw inspiration from the memories of that trip, be it Jamaican reggae music or the Eiffel Tower.

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If you are having a beach wedding, keep the colors lights and airy, and use the abundant natural resources at your disposal, such as sand and seashells, as wedding decorations. Here’s an idea: print your ceremony program on a paper fan, and give personalized flip-flop sandals as gifts.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

Use whatever you have, and work around the predominant season or holiday that coincides with your wedding date. Valentine’s Day and Christmas are examples: let the red color of those seasons—the color of love—dictate your theme and bring fresh, new wedding decoration ideas to your mind. You’ll find this theory will also help you save money. If your location is already planning to decorate for Christmas with poinsettias, build on that instead of fighting against it.

Wedding decoration ideas can come from all around you, if you just open your mind to the endless possibilities.

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