Wedding Harp Music

The Harp is a Romantic Choice for Small Weddings

A harpist can be an extraordinary surprise at a wedding ceremony because it is unexpected. The harp is an incredibly difficult instrument to master, so it is a special treat to get to hear the lulling sounds of a harp played live. Wedding harp music is most appropriate for smaller sized weddings because the harp is such a gentle instrument, its sound might not fill up a large room to reach the guests seated in the back.

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Harpists are very specialized, so this can be an expensive splurge for your wedding ceremony. However, it is well worth every penny you spend—yours will be the most memorable wedding of the year. Isn’t that what every bride wants? When was the last time you remember hearing a harp at a wedding?

To potentially save money on the harpist, check with the music department at your local college campus. Students are novices, so they can’t charge as much as professionals. Most likely, a music student will have one particular performance piece perfectly memorized for the school concert, and can play this at your wedding. Even if he does mess up slightly, who will know the difference? How many harpists will be attending your wedding?

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If you do use a harp for your wedding music, be sure to place it in a visible location for all your guests to admire. The instrument standing alone is striking and impressive, and to see the harpists fingers fly over the strings is mesmerizing. The harp would provide perfect accompaniment for your soloist, so corner off a small section of the stage for the harp and the singer.

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The song you choose may be up to the harpist, if he or she has a limited repertoire. Any piece from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons would be lovely and appropriate. Ask the harpist if he or she has any recommendations for what you need; after all, that person is the true expert.

No matter what song it is or how long it’s played, the harp can add a magic and elegance to your wedding atmosphere. Wow your guests with wedding harp music.

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