Wedding Jewelry Sets

Wedding Jewelry is a Crucial Element of Your Wedding Day Look

You will need a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, and maybe even a brooch or hair pin to wear with your wedding dress on your special day. Consider buying all of these at one time in a set to save yourself the hassle of shopping for each item independently. Wedding jewelry sets are a great thing for brides to buy for themselves to complement their dress and even to give as bridesmaids’ gifts.

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Find a wedding jewelry set that will look good on you and look good with your dress. For example, if the bodice of your gown has silver embroidery, you will want to match this with silver jewelry. Or, if your gown is decorated with delicate crystals, you will want to get Swarovski jewelry to match, rather than pearls. Don’t make the mistake of shopping for jewelry, shoes, and other accessories without the dress. You will need the dress to ensure your choices will all match.

Wedding jewelry sets are a great gift both to give and to receive. Hint to your fiancée what jewelry you want, or send a friend as a messenger, so that he will give it to you as a wedding gift (therefore saving you the trouble altogether). You might be surprised—he will probably appreciate the help.

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If you want all of your maids to have the same look, give them each the same matching jewelry set to wear with their bridesmaids’ dresses. Jewelry is a gift they will cherish forever and be able to wear again and again. Their jewelry should be similar to yours, but on a smaller scale. Wrap the jewelry boxes up in pretty printed paper and hand them out at the bridesmaids’ luncheon.

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Wedding jewelry should not be limited to just an engagement ring, or even to a necklace and earring set. You can really complete the look with a bracelet or cuff, tiara, hair clips, or brooch. Of course, you shouldn’t wear all of those jewelry items at once, or else the result will look too gaudy. Keep the big picture in mind, and bring your dress or at least a picture of it with you to shop for your wedding jewelry sets.

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