Wedding Reception Decoration

Beautiful Wedding Reception Decoration without Breaking Your Budget

Do-it-yourself brides take heart: you can still have a beautiful wedding even on a smaller budget. The wedding reception decorations are a great place to pinch pennies simply by putting in a little bit of your own elbow grease. Just because you are decorating your wedding reception yourself doesn’t mean the decorations have to look homemade.

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Print your own place cards and table cards, or order table cards online that look expensive for less. offers inexpensive bi-fold table cards that even include a slot to insert a picture of the two of you. Use a casual snapshot printed at your nearby drugstore instead of an expensive engagement portrait to save money.

Start shopping early to allow yourself plenty of time to find the best deal. Never buy the first thing you see; you can almost always find it cheaper online. Ask bridal shops when they offer clearance sales, and hit the stores at the right time to get the best deals. David’s Bridal offers a $99 gown sale every January. Another cost-saving tip is to buy last season’s stuff instead of insisting on the latest and greatest décor items.

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One way to spend no money at all is to borrow wedding reception decorations from recent brides. Convince your friend that she will never need thirty yards of tulle again, so she might as well pull it out of her attic and lend it to you. Reuse items from the ceremony. Those floral arrangements around the altar can secretly double as decorations around the entrance to the reception.

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Here is where it can help to splurge on a professional wedding planner: he or she will know what low-price resources your area has to offer. A wedding planner will open up an extensive list of contacts that you personally could never reach. Your absolute best resource is to shop online; Internet retailers allow you to specifically tailor your search to a particular color, price range, etc.

Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal, like your cousin who got married a few months ago or online wedding retailers, to save money on DIY wedding reception decorations.

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