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Decorating for the Biggest Party of Your Life

The easiest way to prepare for any wedding reception is to hire a professional planner with years of decorating experience and, of course, to shell out the big bucks. Oh, so you’re on a budget? Well then, here are some ways to get that professional, full-blown look in your wedding reception decorations on your own.

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Before you just dive right in and start stringing party lights, you should stop first to make a plan. Think of every detail of the decorations, and make a thorough checklist to keep them all straight. Walk around the reception location and inspect every nook and cranny. Keep in mind that you can’t do it all, and divvy up the list among volunteers whom you can trust. Enlist your wedding party to come up with reception decoration ideas and budget bridal favors that can double as wedding decor.

Prioritize the elements of your reception décor that are most important to you; then, decide early to accept that the rest are just minor details. For example, if you simply must have modern, square centerpiece vases, put yourself in charge of that task, and let someone else handle the table linens.

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Browse popular wedding magazines and cut out pages with pictures of your favorite looks. Share these pictures with the people in charge at your reception location, so that everyone will be on the “same page.” The Internet is another awesome resource for brides; online retailers like have thousands of wedding reception decoration products that will open your mind to new possibilities.

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Spend some time reading online message boards to get ideas from other brides (just don’t let your boss catch you researching on company time). Some website offer chat rooms to help brides connect. You’ll be amazed at all the wedding reception decoration ideas you will discover online that you would have never thought of on your own.

Choosing wedding reception decorations doesn’t have to be stressful, as long as you make a plan well in advance and stick to it. Whether your reception location is your parent’s house, a swanky hotel ballroom, or an outdoor pavilion in a mountain setting, utilize the resources you have at your disposal, ask for help from family and friends, and shop online for the best deals.

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