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If your dream is to have a packed dance floor at your wedding reception, then you had better get to work at picking the music. The music you choose will determine the mood at your reception, and the mood always determines whether or not your guests will have a good time.

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The most exciting option for wedding reception music is hiring a live band. Whether it is a country western band or a KISS cover band, the bandleader can get a feel for what does and does not work throughout the night, to target the selections toward what the audience responds to. Big band sound is jazzy, upbeat, and always appropriate for weddings. However, bands can be expensive and fickle, so budget a little extra, and book far in advance.

A less expensive alternative to a live band is a live DJ. A “disc jockey” is an expert at reading the crowd and playing what they want to hear. Your DJ can also double as the master of ceremonies (MC) and will announce the cake cutting and the various dances, games and even the order of tables going to the buffet for dinner. The DJ will have an almost endless list of songs, and provide a mix of styles that a band usually cannot. If you desire to hear both your college alma mater’s fight song and a mix of oldies, classic rock, and 80’s, a DJ is the way to go for your wedding reception music.

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The cheapest possible option to make yourself the DJ. Download a list of songs you want to have played, and bring them to the reception venue in whatever method they prefer. Be sure you have enough songs for at least four hours’ worth of music. Your laptop computer or even your iPod can be hooked up to a sound system and set to play continuously. First make sure they reception location has compatible equipment. They might prefer you to bring the music on c.d.’s, or require you to rent your own speakers.

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Much about your wedding reception music choices will depend on the type of reception you are hosting. If you just want an afternoon garden tea party, hip-hop might not be appropriate. Whatever style of wedding reception music you choose, and however you choose to provide it, should fit the mood of the party. The perfect music will set the tone for your reception whether it's a live band, string quartet or a DJ/MC.

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