Winter Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Turn Your Christmas/New Year’s Event into a Winter Wonderland

Something about the holiday season just puts everyone in a cheerful (not to mention giving) mood, which makes it a great times for a wedding. Use these winter wedding reception decoration ideas to turn your winter wedding reception into a cheery winter wonderland. One of the first considerations for the anniversary cake topper

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

As soon as you have decided on a December/January date, book your locations right away. Your ideal reception location might be pre-booked annually for office Christmas parties. Get the word out to your guests so that they can plan ahead to be there.

Most locations will already be decorated for Christmas in red and green; use this to your advantage. Be sure to ask how the venue will be decorated, so that your ceremony will match the wedding reception décor. It is likely that you will not have to provide any additional decorations at all, so long as you are willing to use theirs.

Decorate with ivy, holly, mistletoe, and a Christmas tree. Use an abundance of twinkling Christmas lights, but stick to solid colors to keep your décor from looking tacky. Cover large, empty boxes in wrapping paper to match you color scheme, and stack the boxes around the trees to fill up empty floor space.

bride and groom at wedding.

Your winter wedding reception decoration ideas can even flow to the food and favors. Order your wedding cake in delicious red velvet covered in white cream cheese frosting; it will look simply divine even after it’s been cut. Bake homemade sugar cookies and use cookie cutters to shape them into snowflakes or angels, and decorate with white icing. Then, give the cookie cutters away as wedding favors.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

If you absolutely hate reds, consider a theme of just metallics. Make white or ivory the base color, depending on the color of your dress, and then cover everything around it with shimmering golds and silvers. Don’t be afraid to mix metal colors; bronze and pewter can work together beautifully. Place candles and mirrors everywhere to reflect the light and really make the place sparkle. Use all white flowers and dress your attendants in a soft golden color.

Winter weddings can be the easiest to decorate, but your guests never need to know that. If you incorporate the venue’s decorations into your wedding reception décor ideas, you can focus your time and money on other things.

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