Antique Cake Toppers: Vintage Italian Wedding Cake Tops from the Old World

Spending a bit more to enjoy an antique cake toppers wedding design may be well worth it. These cute, but very vintage looking cake toppers are an easy way to add character and charm to your wedding cake. They are appropriate in just about any situation, but they can be the ideal way for you to cap off the vintage theme of your wedding on your cake, too. If you love the look of antique and old world charm, nothing is better than a few well-selected cake toppers.

What To Look For - A True Antique Vintage Topper or a Reproduction Wicker Tier Cake Stand

There are two main options to consider, which you will choose from based on your budget, in most cases. First, you can look for real antiques, which were made and used in the early 1900's or even earlier. These will be the most difficult to find and may not be the right choice for most people since they will be highly expensive. Another option is to choose a cake topper which was made in recent times in old style fashion. This is much more affordable and still offers the charm and appeal of real vintage pieces.

What To Consider - Each Decade Has a Different Look

When buying either of these antique wedding cake toppers, there are several styles you may wish to choose from. Kewpie are some of the most sought after. Others include Fancy Flours. You may wish to choose a style from the 1920's, 1930's, the 1950's or even the 1960's, all of which were very popular eras for cake toppers of all styles. Military toppers in old style are also quite popular choices. You will also find French Troopers and vintage ethnic toppers to select from as well.

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