Asian Wedding Cake Toppers

Asian wedding cake toppers can be a great way to add cultural and heritage to your wedding cake. The wedding cake is a direct reflection of the style and character of the wedding. Therefore, as you consider all of the cake topper options, remember the importance of choosing a topper that really reflects your style and wedding theme. The good news is that there are so many options available that you are sure to find more than a few great looking, Asian-themed cake toppers to buy.

Asian Figures, Dragons and Lettering for Your Cake Topper

Traditional Script Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Top.

There are two main distinctions when it comes to selecting Asian wedding toppers. First, you can invest in the type where there are figures that are Asian in culture. These are made widely available in most wedding supply outlets. These work well for those who want a modern wedding cake topper but want the figures to be Asian.

The second option is to select an Asian themed cake topper that has a truly Asian cultural theme to it. There is a slightly popular bald asian man cake topper that you may want to use. The people may not be the only focus here. Using dragons, Asian lettering and bright colors may be an important element to this type of cake topper design.

Stylized Hearts Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Top

Pricing And Finding Your Asian Themed Topper

The good news is that with more and more people looking for top quality cake toppers to fit their specific needs and desires, there are many options than ever to choose from right from online. In terms of costs, you will find a wide range of options here. You may find some basic, acrylic style figures as cheap as $20. ON the other hand, you may wish to choose an Asian cake topper that is made of porcelain and outlined with gold. This will be much more expensive, ranging up to several hundred dollars.

Finding Asian wedding cake toppers is easy enough to do. But finding that one design that fits your needs just right is a different story. Invest some time in comparing several designs until you find the figures or the theme that fits your wedding and your tastes the best way possible.

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