Beach Wedding Favors

Beach wedding favors can be a lot of fun to choose from for your wedding. If you are planning a wedding shower or a wedding reception, be sure to consider just how formal your event will be before you start shopping for beach style wedding favors. If your event will be whimsical and charming, you will have many options to select from that offer a lot of fun and character to the wedding. On the other hand, you may be looking for something more elegant and formal. The good news is that both options are available to you.

Beach Themes Can Be Whimsical Themes - Flip Flops, Palm Trees, Umbrellas and Sea Shells

If your beach wedding reception will be a lot of fun and just magical, you do not have to select the most elegant of favors to give your guests. Rather, you can choose those items which are much more fun. For example, why not give everyone a beautiful flip flop frame that has a nice rose at the toe position and your wedding photo within? You may want to go with a few palm tree favor boxes that you can hide candies within and give your guests something sweet to enjoy.

More Formal Beach Themes

There are plenty of options if you are after favors for a bridal shower, too. For example, why not give each of your guests a beautiful sandcastle favor? You can go with a beautiful, real seashell that you have had engraved with your information. Choose wine bottles or corkscrews instead. Candles and seashells can be elegantly wrapped up in sheer fabric and bow and that can be the favor you give your guests. Choose the type of elegant gift that best represents your amazing wedding or wedding reception on the beach.

When it comes to purchasing beach wedding favors, there is no limit to what you can buy and give to your guests. It is incredibly important, though, that you choose something that meshes with the rest of your wedding theme and style. Be creative and outgoing, be elegant and reserved but most importantly, allow your own thoughts and ideas to come through in the wedding favors.

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