Beach Wedding Reception

Your goal is to pull off a fantastic beach wedding reception. So, where do you start? There are many fantastic small things you can do to cap off your wedding night with a magical evening on the sand. You do not need to be on the beach to enjoy this type of event; though having a nice reception alongside the lapping waves may be just what you need. There are several things you should think about while planning your beach wedding reception; especially the décor that will make or break the evening.

Beach Reception Themes And Décor

Inside or outside, you can decorate the space to really make the beach theme come through. Each detail can be tailored to look and feel like a beach. Start with your wedding invitations. Choose beach wedding invitations that offer some explanation to your guests. Choose a beach theme such as the sand and the waves, seashells, or perhaps a couple strolling along the water. Some invitations even include a small amount of sand to make the moment that much more real.

Beach Wedding Reception Decorations and Favors

When the reception comes around, every detail of the space can ring true to the beach theme you are hoping to create. Give your guests a wedding beach themed favor. Perhaps a seashell with your name and information on it will work. You can choose a pair of flip flop sandal photo frames where you and your groom are center stage.

Tie in Your Beach Theme with the Right Accessories

Blue aqua wedding cake.

In addition to this, be sure that your cake topper and the other décor in the space has a beach theme. Common elements of that theme include water and sand, seashells, netting (think about the tablecloth here) and even candles and sparkling water. The reception that is whimsical and lighthearted may include a pair of figures on top of your cake clad in their Hawaiian themed outfits rather than bridal attire.

Be formal or be whimsical. There are no rules when creating a beach wedding reception that you have to follow. Of course, to pull off this event, you do want to consider your budget, location and the elegance that you hope the evening will hold. For example, southern california beach front wedding receptions are typically very pricey but you can negotiate a deal for an "off-season" or "off-day" wedding.

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