Black Wedding Invitations

There may not be anything more startling and elegant than black wedding invitations. There are definitely some great looking invitations out there and you are going to have to spend some time going through them. However, you may be wondering what the overall impression of black invitations will be. Of course, the individual design and style of the invite is going to define just how high in quality it really is. Keep in mind that not all invitations are going to work for you and color alone is not enough to make the most important decision.

What To Expect From Black and White Wedding Invites

Black invitations are striking but there are many things that you could find in them. For example, you may find some that are split, half white and half black. Others will have white elegant writing on them or designs that feature white flowers, two figures or even wedding bells. White is the most likely color that will show up against the black, so if you are opposed to black and white, this may not be the option for you. On the other hand, some invites seem to be on black paper and have bursts of color on them, such as a bright red splash of color in an elegant rose that drapes over the letters.

Formal Black Invitations Set the Tone for Your Event

When buying black wedding invitations, keep in mind a few things. First, these invites are designed to be ideal choices for those who are having a formal event. Most people use invitations to let their guests know what style and elegance level the reception will be. Black and white is appropriate even for black tie events.

Black and White Postcard Invitation.

Pick the Right Font for Your Ebony Invites

Second, you may have trouble with some types of font. Since the white lettering may jump off the page, be sure to get a sample and check out how readable it is. You want your guests to be able to really be able to enjoy this invitation and the party.

The good news is that you can find black invites like these available from various retailers and printers. They are also available in many price points.

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