Blue Wedding Invitations

How are you going to use blue wedding invitations? For those that love the color blue, or perhaps are using it as the color scheme in their wedding, invitations can be an important place to use that color. Invitations can be found today in numerous styles and designs including in various colors. If you are hoping for solid blue, or blue hued invites, you will find many options to consider. The good news is that you can likely match up the color fairly well to ensure that your invite matches your wedding scheme. Some popular designs today are chocolate and blue dots and blue pocket wedding invitations.

Matching Blue Hues - What Shade to Pick for Your Nuptuals

Chartres Brown Blue - Delphine - Wedding Invitation.

Blue is one of the more common colors in terms of wedding invitations. It can symbolize many things including life, peace, water, and mysticism. It works well in many themes, too. For example, you can select a powder blue invitation that resembles the beauty of the sky. Perhaps there will be two doves flying together. You can use blues to symbolize the ocean, too if you are doing a beach theme. Again, here you want a lighter color blue to fit the look. Chocolate brown and blue wedding invitations are quite popular. Many other designs and themes can be pulled off using this color scheme.

Match up Shades of Blue with the Dresses, Cake, Invites

Blue aqua wedding cake.

You can utilize the color blue as a way to tie in your wedding color scheme. If your bridesmaids are wearing blue dresses, match up your wedding invitation to the same hue of blue. You can then carry that color over into your flowers in your bouquet and those on the table at the reception. You can get more of the color from the napkins at the reception, the favors you give to your guests and even in the ties the men wear. As you can tell, this one color choice can be a quite significant one throughout your wedding planning.

Elegant wedding invitations in blue are readily available in various styles and designs. Choose a blue that matches the color look you are after throughout your designs. Or take a class and make your own! Of course, you should keep in mind the importance of choosing wedding invitations that have a theme and elegance level that matches the rest of your event, too.

Sarah Blue Wedding Invitatio.n
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