Bride Wedding Cake Toppers

Bride wedding cake toppers can be an a hard choice. There are so many unique options to select from, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the choices that are available. The good news is that you can shop for the right cake topper right at home. Since cake toppers are easy to find online, you can have a multitude of options at your fingertips within just a few seconds. Still, you will need to consider the options you want.

Looking For A Bridal Cake Topper?

Those looking for a bridal cake topper are often looking for the topper that will adorn just the bridal cake, but not necessarily the groom's cake. The bridal cake may have a topper that is both a bride and a groom, which is traditional or it may just feature a runaway bride or a non-figure, as well. For example, if your wedding is a Hawaiian theme, then you can dress up the look of the cake by using a Hawaiian dressed wedding couple on the bridal cake. Or, you may wish to just go with the bride, perhaps surfing or waterskiing!

Cake Toppers That Are Traditional

Blue aqua wedding cake.

There are some types of wedding cake toppers for the traditional bride and groom. For example, you may want to focus on a cake topper that has you and the groom, arm in arm, looking out over the crowd. Porcelain with gold trim is a popular design option for this type of cake decoration. You can also find figures that are looking into each other's eyes, dancing together, the groom carrying the bride or the cheeky groom dragging bride cake topper. Cultural differences such as skin tone and ethnicity can also be defined in these cake toppers.

Flexibility is not necessary when it comes to choosing the cake topper for your wedding cake. You can be as specific as you want and even have a custom design done for your special day. Be creative. Be sure, most importantly, that your wedding decorations on your cake really reflect you feelings, your love or even just your wedding theme. This can easily come through in the cake designs you select and the topper.

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