Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Are butterfly wedding invitations right for your special event? The butterfly makes a great, versatile decoration throughout your wedding décor. They are often found on wedding invitations and other announcements. You can find them as wedding favors or even on the linens of the table, menus, and in the bouquet of flowers too. When selecting the most appropriate wedding invitations, do not just look at the butterflies that adorn it. Rather, be sure to focus on the other elements that make the entire invite appealing.

Colors And Patterns of Butterfly Invites

One of the reasons so many people enjoy using butterflies in their wedding invitations is because of their easy use of color. They can be symbolic and majestic, but one thing they are most commonly is beautiful. The patterns within them can be picked up and used throughout the wedding theme. Be careful when selecting invitations, then. Be sure that the colors you are picking match the look of the rest of your wedding. The same should be true of the patterns found on the butterfly wings. Pick these up in the other details of your wedding.

Butterfly Invitation Options and Colors

You will find that many invitation manufacturers do offer butterfly designs frequently. You can find these in a multitude of different colors and patterns, as discussed. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though. For example, be sure the wedding invitation reflects the formality of your special day. If the event will be a spring wedding, perhaps outdoors, then butterflies of any color and style will be just right. For a more elegant option, consider a black or blue invitation that features an intricate pattern of a butterfly printed in white across the paper. Upgrade the elegance to match the look of your wedding.

Wedding invitations can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be. What is important is to remember that your wedding is your special day. It should be symbolic of your new life together, something that is easy to accomplish when you use a butterfly theme. This is often the reason so many select this look.

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