Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

There is something mystical and magical about the calla lily wedding invitation. If you are having an elegant and formal wedding, then this could be one of the best flowers to select to use throughout your wedding. If you are using calla lilies as part of your wedding, such as in your wedding bouquets, reception flowers and even in the ceremony flowers, then it makes sense to have them proudly displayed on the invitations as well. How can you pull this type of style and look off, though?

Are Calla Lily Invites Formal?

Calla lilies can be quite formal depending on the style of the rest of the invitation. You can be as creative as you would like with these as well. For those who are considering the options they have in wedding invitations, definitely consider the options with this type of flower. They are simple and beautiful. There are several ways you will find these designs to select from.

Embossed Wedding Invitations

You may want to consider a beautiful invitation that is on a thicker card stock. Softly under the wording is embossed lilies, each of which is raised just slightly off the paper to make an impressive display.

Calla Lilies with a Sheen - They Stand Out

Another option is to have the lilies shine a bit. This is done subtly so that the image is easily to see but does not overtake the entire look.

Framing the Border with Cala Lilies

Another way to use these flowers in the invitation design is to allow them, along with their stems and buds to form a frame either on two sides or all four sides around the edge of the invitation. This creates a frame for the wording within.


Blue aqua wedding cake.

Calla lilies are usually white, but you can add color to them by having them softly colored or choosing an off white, cream or even yellowed paper, which allows the white lilies to come through.

Are these flowers right for your wedding invitations? Chances are they are an ideal choice. They work well for anyone having an elegant and formal event, but they can also be appropriate for a slightly less formal event as well.

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