Candy Wedding Favors

There are several ways to use wedding favors filled with candy for your special day. Candy has long been a traditional element in wedding favors. When guests arrive, traditionally, the women receive a favor that features a figure, candle or some other type of item. In addition, a small pouch of candy is also given to them as part of the favor. Today, it is also common for candy to serve as the main favor. There are several options to think about here.

Adding Candy To Wedding Favors

Cherry Blossom Candy Wedding Favor Box.

For those who wish to add candy to the wedding favors they have purchased, one of the best ways to pull off this look is through the use of a soft mesh fabric and Jordan almonds. These pastel or white candy coated almonds are one of the most popular options for favors of all types, including wedding showers and baby showers. You can wrap up five or six almonds in the fabric, add a tag featuring the important details of the event and then hold them together with a ribbon. You can then personalized candy wedding favors by putting guest's names on the ribbons. This is inexpensive and allows you to take a simple figure and create something special with it.

Clear Wedding Favor Bag with Candy.

Totally Candy Favors

Flower Box Wedding Favor with Candy.

Another option that many brides and their families are considering is the use of candy as the favor. Here, you may have a small box that is made from chocolate. Within it, is a small piece of candy. You can also go with a small paper box that has several candies within it that the guests can share. The biggest drawback for those who do use these types of candies is that the guests are likely to eat them at the event and that means they will not have anything to take home as a remembrance of this special day.

Still, candy and wedding favors have long gone hand in hand. You can and should give candy to your wedding guests as a way of thanking them for coming to your special event and for playing a role in making it special. Anyone would appreciate a beautiful or gourmet piece or two of candy as their favor especially personalized mini candy bar wrappers for wedding favors.

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