Castle Wedding Cake Topper

Your wedding cake topper can say a lot about you and your future life with your groom. Choosing a castle wedding cake topper may show that you expect a lifetime of happiness following a fairytale wedding. Certainly you can choose a more traditional cake topper if you desire and if your cake is large enough you may have a castle along with a bride and groom to give it an extra touch.

Customize Your Wedding Cake Topper

Although you can choose a castle wedding cake topper as you see it in the store, you can also search online and find one that you can customize to your style and in colors that closely match the colors of your wedding. Some wholesalers and retailers allow you the option to add or remove accessories from the castle in order to make it closer to your own personal tastes.Some will create custom, large fairytale castle wedding cake topper with Cinderella or another Disney theme.

Choose the Right Size for Your Cake

Castle wedding cake toppers come in many different sizes and styles. You want to choose the one that best fits in with the size of your cake. If you are having a small intimate wedding you may want something smaller that someone who is having a larger cake for many guests. On the other hand the small intimate wedding may be the perfect place for a larger castle atop a sheet cake instead of on a smaller tiered cake.

Let the Castle Tell Your Story

Once you decide on a castle wedding cake topper you want to let your life guide you to the right one. If you’re looking for modest, moderate or luxury in your lifestyle allow your cake to lead you toward the path. Share your dreams with your guests by the way you decorate your cake and present it to those who share your special day. That means you want to take plenty of time to choose the topper for your cake that is just right and not the one with the lowest price. The same holds true for the cake itself because you want to ascertain your cake and everything on it are perfect for one another just like you and your new husband.

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