Cookie Wedding Favors

If you plan to serve any kind of cookie at your wedding, the flavor you choose should appeal to all of your guests. You also want to consider those who may have an allergy to chocolate and perhaps stay with the flavors that were the least likely to cause allergic reactions. You also want to choose cookie decorations that would blend in with the rest of the theme of the wedding, especially the colors of your cake. You don’t want to include wedding cookies with the other desserts so serving them as favors is a perfect solution.

Where to Buy Your Cookies if You're Doing it Yourself

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You can easily make wedding cake design cookie favors in boxes with a homemade leaf cookie cutter card attached. The key issue is whether you want to buy wedding cookies or enlist the services of one of your family or friends to make them. Although the latter would be more personal the size of your wedding may make that impossible. For a small wedding it is easy enough to ask someone to make cookies for you but if you are going to have a few hundred people it may be impossible to have home made cookies—that is unless you can ask several people to help out, make them weeks in advance and freeze them until they are needed. If that is not possible you will need to contact a wholesale baker who has the time and assistance to make sure you have enough wedding cookies in various flavors for your special occasion.

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Deciding What Kind of Cookies to Serve

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As previously mentioned you want to be cognizant of those guests who may be allergic to certain ingredients. Although you will not be able to accommodate the needs of everyone you do want to eliminate the most common vices—chocolate and nuts. Since those two ingredients seem to be the most common allergens it’s best to avoid them. Perhaps your best bet for wedding cookie favors is sugar cookies—they are also the easiest to decorate. Oatmeal cookies might be another option but do stay away from chocolate chip and anything with peanuts including peanut butter since some people tend to have allergic reactions to both.

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