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Designer Wedding Shoes.

Designer Wedding Shoes - Beauty at a Great Price.With designer wedding shoes being offered everywhere - from boutiques to online outlets, selecting the right wedding shoes can be both exciting and a little overwhelming if you haven't made some decisions up front.

For example, what style is your dress? This is most often dictated by the time of day of the wedding and the season. Evening weddings typically call for more formal dresses and hence more formal shoes. While a tea-length dress may call for a sandal or small pump, a formal gown may call for a more elaborate heel and shape. Body shape, personal tastes and dreams also play a large part in selecting the right designer wedding shoes.

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Regardless of where you go to buy your wedding shoes, in your local wedding gown store or at a discount wedding dress outlet on the web, these tips will help you:

You will be on your feet nearly all day, so pick out your shoes with this in mind. If you are comfortable in high heels - a taller heel may work out just fine. If you are not comfortable in higher heels, pick a medium to low heel which will enhance your silhouette and be comfortable dancing the night away in.

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Fabric shoes are usually embellished to create a fancier appearance than leather ones. Satin and silk shoes are available with a wide variety of colors. Shoes may also be dyed to get just the right color; or embellished to get just the right texture. Shoes that are silted create a slimmer looking foot and leg.

Remember to break in your shoes before the "Big Day" so your feet don't punish you during your Honeymoon. Your wedding shoes really can make or break you.

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