Edible Wedding Favors

If edible wedding favors sound good to you, then they will sound fantastic to your guests too. Traditionally, wedding favors were given to the women who came to the wedding reception as a gift. This gift was then taken home and treasured and used as a memento to remember the special wedding day and ceremony of their loved one. Today, many people are not interested in taking home and treasuring their gifts but they definitely want to enjoy them. Food and candies make an ideal choice in these situations.

Is Edible Appropriate?

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Not every wedding will be appropriate when it comes to using these food types of wedding favors. Still, it all comes down to the type of favor you give out. For example, at more formal events, you are nearly always expected to give something that is a bit higher end and valuable. Of course, it is really up to you to select the item that will work best for you and your guests. Do not write off this type of favor just because you are unsure if it will work well. At least look at a few option first!

bride and groom at wedding.

What Options In Edible Favors Exist?

As you begin to look for wedding favors, there are many instances when you will want to go with the edible wedding favor over the more traditional types. But, what will you find? Start shopping for them online where you will find a multitude of different options to select from. Here are some ideas.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

  • Candy has always been a big deal. You can find Jordan almonds as the entire favor or they may be just an add-on to the perfect figure.
  • Chocolate candies in small boxes that are ornately designed are another big deal!
  • Coffee, teas and even hot cocoas are another option to think about if you are looking for a bit higher end.

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In most weddings, edible wedding favors will work just right. Of course, you may find that your guests will consume them before they even leave the reception, but you do want them to be enjoyed, after all.

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