Figurine Wedding Cake Toppers

One of the most popular options in wedding cake toppers are the figurine wedding cake toppers. These are commonly found on wedding cakes since they are the most traditional option. Even those weddings from the 1920's, 1930's and after had figures adorning the beautiful wedding cakes. Of course, cakes during that time were not nearly as formal and elegant as they are now, but that does not mean these figures were not just as important. As you search for the right wedding cake topper for your special day, remember, you have lots of options to choose from.

Figurine Options For Wedding Cakes

There are many ways to use a simple figure on top of your wedding cake. Then again, it does not need to be simple at all. When looking at your options, there are several things you can keep in mind.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

  1. First, start with an ethnically correct figurine. You will find multitudes of options in skin and hair color, and other changes that can help your bride or groom match your own ethnicity. Mixed and matched pairs are available too, or you can buy them separately.
  2. Simple does not need to be the case. You may want to choose something funny, such as a bride carrying her groom. On the other hand, you may want something more elegant. For example, you can choose a bride and groom in a wedding carriage drawn by two horses. There are plenty of options in between too!
  3. Do allow your wedding theme, if you have one, to come through in the cake toppers you select. For example, if you are having a ceremony on the beach and a Hawaiian themed wedding reception, you definitely will want your cake topper to have that Hawaiian edge to it too.

bride and groom at wedding.

Be Creative And Have Fun

Blue aqua wedding cake.

There are many different wedding cake toppers on the market. You can find many figurine wedding cake toppers to select from online, too. While these may be the most common option, they are not the only thing you can select from either. Keep in mind, the more unique the cake topper is, the more fun it will be.

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