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Are fresh flowers on your list of things to buy for your special event? If you are planning a wedding, fresh flowers have traditionally been a part of this special event. Even in early Native American cultures, flowers were used as a way of adorning the bride's head when she was to meet the man she would spend the rest of her life with. Unlike those times, though, your marriage is all about love. And, therefore, you will want to select flowers that fit your needs and your tastes.

Are Fresh Better?

There is often debate about whether or not fresh flowers should be used in the wedding or not. Fresh flowers definitely smell better and those who are selecting artificial flowers cannot match the realistic touch they add to the special day. On the other hand, fake flowers are often much less expensive and they are readily available throughout the year, no matter what type you are after. Another benefit of artificial flowers is that they are easy to maintain long after the wedding day.

How To Save Money With Fresh Flowers

For those brides and grooms who want to go with fresh flowers, you still have a few more decisions to make. Set a budget for your wedding, Flowers should account for between five and ten percent of your entire wedding budget. To save money:

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.
  • Choose only those flowers that will be readily available during the season you are getting married in. This will cut the costs considerably.
  • Go with the idea that less is more. Use fewer larger blooms and fill in the bouquets with smaller items, vines and baby's breath.
  • Use ribbons, candles and other items as fillers as well.
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Blue aqua wedding cake.

For many women and men, the use of fresh flowers is a must have for a wedding. The good news is that you can find many options in both artificial and real flowers online. Talk to a local florist to get ideas for your wedding day, too. This can be one of the most magical of events you ever enjoy, so be sure that the floral arrangements you need are present.

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