Green Wedding Invitations

Green wedding invitations are a statement. For those that are "going green" in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the good news is that there are many options available. Companies have heard the call for more beautiful wedding invitations that are made on natural papers and recyclable products. You can still have an amazingly beautiful invitation that shocks and impresses your guests and is still a good option for the environment.

What Green Options Are There?

Green wedding invitations (not just the color of course) are a great investment for any bride and groom who are planning an environmentally friendly wedding or just want to do their part. You can even make this part of your wedding theme, as many couples are doing. But, what will you find? Here are some options available currently.

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  • Recycled Paper: One of the biggest options that people are looking for are invitations that are made from recycled paper. You can find a large number of options in all types of wedding stationary available on recycled paper. They look, feel and are designed just as elegantly and beautiful as traditional invitations.
  • Handmade Paper: For something a bit more pricy, but still beautiful, consider handmade paper for your wedding invitations. Some manufacturers are now offering invitations that have been designed on these papers, which do not use any type of chemicals in them.
  • All Natural: Look for wedding invitations and other stationary that is made from 100 percent all natural products, including the ink that is printed onto the paper. This is a fantastic way to protect the paper.

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Something Unique Is Always Appreciated

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Another way to get the green wedding invitations you are looking for is to look for products that are just out of this world in beauty. For example, some companies will custom mix wildflower seeds, or flowers themselves and embed them into the paper for you, as they hand make it.

Go green and purchase green wedding invitations for your wedding. You can then carry this environmentally friendly message over into other areas of your wedding, too, if you like

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