Heart Wedding Cake Toppers

Heart wedding cake toppers are a great addition to any wedding cake. The heart, as you know, is a symbol of love. It is simple and transcends religious and cultural differences. It will work for an elegant event or one that is simple and quaint. When it comes to purchasing a cake topper, you want to pick something that means something to you or otherwise fits in with your wedding theme or color scheme. Many select a heart for what it stands for.

Heart Shaped Cake Topper

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Although it may seem simple enough, there are actually many ways that you can select and use the heart shape in a wedding cake topper. Consider these ideas.

  • Crystal and Glass: One of the most common options is to allow the heart to take center stage by selecting either a crystal or a glass cake topper. This simple design is elegant and beautiful and just right for a formal or informal wedding reception.
  • Heart Shape With Figures: Another option is to select a heart wedding cake topper that allows the heart shape to stand behind the bride and groom figures. This is one of the more common options since it is a traditional bride and groom figure design.
  • Many Hearts: You can find other wedding cake toppers that feature hearts in other ways, such as several of them stacked together or laying on the top of the cake. You can select colors, styles of hearts and even various sizes to create this look.

bride and groom at wedding.

Shop Online For Options

Blue aqua wedding cake.

One of the best ways to obtain the right heart wedding cake toppers is to shop online for them. You will find them widely available at most locations selling cake toppers, wedding favors and invitations. Be sure to look at several options so that you are sure of the look and feel of what you are getting. You only get one bridal cake and you want to make sure that every detail, even the cake topper is just what you want and like. This is not hard to do since there are many heart themed cake toppers available.

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