Homemade Wedding Favors

One of the best ways to cut down on wedding costs is to go with homemade wedding favors. When you think of homemade items, you do not have to think of just arts and crafts types of favors. You can actually find some really easy and affordable but great looking options available in wedding favors. Of course, you do need to be a bit creative and you do need to spend some of your time doing the work, but this can pay off well.

The Benefits Of Homemade

There are several reasons why you may want to consider going with homemade wedding favors instead of store bought or even custom made options.

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  1. It is unique. When you give wedding favors that are made by you, at home, you are definitely giving something that is unique. You can create something that matches your wedding theme and fits with the mood of your wedding ideally. Guests will love that you took the time to create something special for them.
  2. It is cheaper. Perhaps the main reason may people want to use homemade wedding favors is because they are cheaper. Of course, you should do some pricing out of the materials you will need to purchase to ensure the finished price is worth the money.
  3. Make is a family thing. Yet another benefit of going with made at home favors is that you can actually get your friends and family in on the process. Why not have a party and have everyone help to get them done?

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Tips And Ideas

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Now that you know that making your own wedding reception favors can be a good thing, the next question is, what do you make? One option you have is to go with edible favors. These are some of the most loved because they are simple and tasty. For example, you can go with chocolate pops, jars of herbed olive oil, fudge, candies and cookies that are personalized. You can even do jar mixes if you like.

As you can see, there are many options to think about, including keepsake favors like magnets, photo albums and treasure boxes.

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