Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers

Some people like to have fun and that is why humorous wedding cake toppers are appropriate for your wedding cake. One of the most common times that they are used is when there is a bride and a groom's cake. The groom's cake is often more macho, but sometimes they also use great funny wedding cake toppers here, too. If you are looking for a way to make your guests laugh, you will definitely find a few options to consider.

A Word Of Warning

Be careful when using humorous wedding cake toppers if they could be deemed inappropriate for younger children if there will be kids at your wedding reception. You do not want to insult anyone either, as this would only make the day less enjoyable for some. Even still, you could be using many great funny cake toppers out there on your cake.

Ideas To Think About

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

When you start looking at wedding cake toppers, you are sure to find some great funny ones. For example, there are many that are showcasing the bride dragging her groom by the tie, the arm or even by the leg. Cute sayings often imply the bride has the upper hand. You may want to go with a cake topper that shows the bride fishing for her man, stating that she caught one!

bride and groom at wedding.
Blue aqua wedding cake.

There are other types of humorous cake toppers, too. For example, many can fit in with the wedding theme that you have for your reception. If you have a beach themed wedding, definitely go with a bride and groom figure in their rolled up shirtsleeves and cut off wedding dress as a way to show that they are on the beach.

Be creative and have fun. When it comes to finding humorous wedding cake toppers, the more creative you are, the more enjoyable this type of cake topper will be. Even if you are not doing two cakes, you will still find that these fun cake toppers make great ways to lighten up the mood of the wedding and to make everyone who attends chuckle just a bit.

Bride laying on bed.
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