Ideas for Wedding Favors

Do you need a few ideas for wedding favors? If so, you are not alone. Many brides and grooms, and those helping to create the wedding favors for guests are looking for unique ways to give guests just what they want. After a few weddings a year, you want to be sure your wedding favors really do stand out among the crowd. The good news is that there are many great options available, both that you can make and that you can buy.

Creative Ideas For Wedding Favors

If you are looking for a few creative options for your wedding favors, here are some to consider.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

  • Go with edible. People love the idea of having wedding favors that are edible rather than those that are just going to sit on a shelf. For example, give them a small paper treasure box and within, place a few custom made chocolates for them to enjoy.
  • Go green. Another way to offer something valuable without being expensive is to use wedding favors that are environmentally friendly. From the paper to the ink used, there are many products on the market that can fit this need.
  • Make them yourself. Another route you can go to create a unique wedding favor is to simply create your own. You can find many of the items you need at craft stores or online. Then, add to them with ribbons and lettering to make them your own.

bride and groom at wedding.

Traditional Ideas For Wedding Favors

Blue aqua wedding cake.

On the other hand, you may be looking for a few ideas for wedding favors for guests that are more traditional. Some traditional options include statues of the bride and groom, candles, plagues, and even porcelain items.

The ideas for a wedding favor do not have to come just from you. Rather, you will be able to use the web to help you to find the most humorous and traditional options available. Keep in mind the importance of selecting a favor that really works for you and your wedding. Allow your wedding colors, themes and even your personal ideas to come through.

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