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For those who are planning to marry in one of the temples of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) there used to be a limited number of LDS wedding invitations available, especially for those who wished to have the temple performing the marriage on their invitations. Fortunately, the internet has changed that and at least one website has a variety of different temples available for placement on LDS wedding invitations. You can also provide the temple in which you are marrying if it is not included on their website. This addition is certainly an advantage for Mormon couples currently planning their wedding.

Options for Invitations

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

You have several choices when you order LDS wedding invitations—color ink or black and white, flat or raised lettering. That allows you the option to choose how much you want to spend. Order a more basic wedding invitation with black and white lettering instead of the more expensive color and/or raised lettering. In addition, you will find the invitations are priced individually so if you are having a small wedding you do not have to buy 100 invitations as you do with most wedding invitations. The only items that are priced per batch are the raised lettering and rush shipments. You can even choose color lettering on your invitations and black and white on temple cards and RSVPs.

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Styling and Selections

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There are a great many designs for LDS wedding invitations. This allows the bride and groom many options that have not had in the past. Being able to announcement their upcoming wedding with LDS wedding invitations makes the occasion very special and helps both bride and groom happily prepare to start their lives together. The personalization of the temple in which their marriage will take place will provide an indication of the days that are to follow. You can also choose to have a photo printed on the invitation—in front of the temple if you desire—thus providing more personalization to your invitation. This is surely a step forward for modern couples who order LDS wedding invitations from online sources.

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