Letterpress Wedding Invitations

When you are looking for something that shows true elegance Letterpress wedding invitations may be just what you are seeking. Unlike ordinary printing, the embedded and embossed look of these invitations will stand out, show the time, and care you put into your wedding invitations. That certainly does not mean that those who choose another style do not spend the time but having embossed invitations certainly speaks a different language than a simple print.

Price Comparison

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When you are looking for any wedding invitations, you are likely to be interested in comparing prices. You want to keep in mind that Letterpress wedding invitations will be more expensive than others because of the amount of work involve in their production. In fact, depending where you shop you might pay as much as three times more for Letterpress than you do for ordinary printed invitations. Is that important to you, of course cost is always important but the key factor is whether Letterpress wedding invitations will fit into your wedding budget. This is especially important if someone else such as your parents is paying for the wedding. Before you make the decision to order these embossed invitations make sure they fit into the wedding budget.

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Turnaround Time

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Another factor to consider is the turnaround time. While most invitations are available in about a week to ten days, Letterpress wedding invitations can take close to three weeks to arrive. This does not mean you should not order these beautiful embossed invitations but rather you have to allow more time for them to arrive. They are probably not a good choice for someone who wishes to plan a wedding in three months or less but for those who plan a longer engagement they will be a beautiful addition to the tables at your reception.

Are Letterpress Wedding Invitations Right for You?

As long as you keep in mind the additional processing time and cost factors, you will be very happy with these invitations. They are not for those on a limited budget or with a limited planning time, but for those who have the time and money for Letterpress wedding invitations they are the perfect choice for a formal wedding.

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